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"Extirper le sionisme de Palestine" (Al Faraby)

mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Photos de l'année 2014 (3/3)

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“The morgue was filled with dead bodies. It was 20 July 2014; Israeli forces had moved into the eastern area of Gaza City. The dead child is five-year-old Mohammed Ashraf Ayyad, whose home was destroyed by the Israeli bombing. The person crying over his body is his brother, Rafik Ashraf Ayyad. Their father was wounded as well. After I took this picture, family members carried the body to the father, who was in the same hospital, so he could bid farewell. Mohammed was buried in the Sheikh Radwan area of Gaza City, but his funeral ceremony didn’t take place due to the intensity of the bombing.”

(Photograph: Mustafa Hassona)
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